About Us 

Pemberton Distillery is a boutique family owned and operated craft distillery set in the heart of the spectacular Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

Our mission is to capture the distinct terroir of this beautiful agricultural region in the highest quality sipping spirits. From award-winning organic potato vodka and gin to barrel-aged whisky and brandy, every spirit is personally handcrafted by Master Distiller and owner Tyler Schramm using traditional craft methods and hand-operated copper pot stills.

Authentic and Distinctive Sipping Spirits:

We are careful not to over-distill or over-refine our spirits - our mission is to produce an authentic and distinct spirit that captures the unique natural terroir of the beautiful region from where it comes. A true sipping vodka, we recommend serving all our spirits neat - chilled or at cellar temperature - to enjoy their rich, full bodied aroma and flavour.

Beautiful Whole Ingredients.

A fine spirit starts from the highest quality ingredients. We source our raw materials as locally as possible from certified organic farms. Once a week we visit Farmer Bruce Miller at Across the Creek Organics Farm, just 15km from our distillery, to pick up his from-the-field fresh organic potatoes for our Vodka, Gin, Absinthe and Liqueurs.

Slow, All Natural Fermentation

We begin each of our spirits by performing an all natural mash and controlled fermentation of the raw materials. This means we control the quality of the spirit throughout its entire production. Master Distiller Tyler Schramm developed the organic all natural recipes for our spirits without the use of any genetically modified or synthetic additives. We do not use industrial grain neutral spirits at any stage of our production.

Innovative & Experienced Distiller
Tyler Schramm trained in brewing & distilling at Scotland's Heriot Watt University, a world leader in the field. He personally performs and oversees the entire production and hand distillation of Schramm Vodka. This personal attention combined with a slow, accurate distillation results in the production of a high quality sipping spirit.

Our Story 

The idea for Pemberton Distillery grew from the famous Pemberton potato. In the summer of 2002, Tyler Schramm and his brother, Jonathan, were discussing possibilities for Jonathan and his wife's small potato farm in the fertile Pemberton Valley. Pemberton, a small farming community nestled beneath the snow-capped coastal mountains north of Whistler, is famous for its potatoes. In fact, its potatoes are of such renowned quality, that Pemberton - affectionately referred to as "Spud Valley" by locals - is the seed potato capital of Canada and is a key North America supplier of high grade seed and table potatoes. The brothers realized that Pemberton's fine potatoes and the pristine glacial waters from the mountain creeks, would provide the perfect ingredients for an ultra premium vodka.
Following the dream to produce high quality spirits from local organic agriculture sent Tyler to study his Masters thesis in Brewing & Distilling at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, a world leader in the field. On the University's tiny pilot still he created the original recipe for Schramm Organic Potato Vodka. Returning to the Pemberton Valley, Tyler and Jonathan and their younger brother Jake constructed the Distillery building by hand over the winter of 2008. The building included the installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system which uses ground energy to reduce the distillery's energy use by 40%.
Early in 2009, Tyler conducted a series of trial distillations to perfect his recipe and in July he carefully hand-distilled the first crop of locally-grown organic potatoes and the Schramm family hand-bottled the first run of Schramm Vodka, taking pride in its clarity, smooth mouth-feel and rich character.

Our Work Team