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Organic Pure Extracts 


Blended from the finest quality bourbon cured organic Costa Rican vanilla beans and our own organic potato spirit. Our pure vanilla extract is slowly cold processed over time in small batches (not heat or pressure treated) for maximum flavour and aroma.

Did you know only 2% of vanilla products are made from real vanilla beans. We source our beans from a family owned and operated certified organic and biodynamic farm in Costa Rica. The beans are naturally rainforest grown without the use of chemical sprays and fertilizers. Mature beans are harvested by hand and traditionally sun cured for three months. It takes one full year to produce a vanilla bean ready for cooking! See photos of Lorien's visit to the spice farm this year here.

Tasting profile: Round, slightly floral and smoky nose with delicate caramel and nutty flavour.

Excellent in pastries, confections, whipped cream and fillings, ice cream and desserts. Use a little pure vanilla extract in cooking to round and balance the acidity of tomato based dishes, such as tomato soup, chillies, stews.

Our vanilla extract is distributed in British Columbia by West Coast Artisan Foods, purveyors of BC's best locally made artisan products.
Ceylon - or True Cinnamon as it's often referred to - is long considered the world's premium cinnamon. Our pure extract is made from a slow, cold processed blend of high quality certified organic Ceylon Cinnamon, hand harvested in Costa Rica, and our own locally distilled organic potato spirits.

Ceylon Cinnamon is harvested from the inner bark of Cinnamomum trees originally indigenous to Sri Lanka. The bark is delicately sweet and highly aromatic. Ceylon Cinnamon is rarely used in North America, however is becoming more popular for it's delicate flavour profile and reported health benefits (studies have shown the use of Ceylon Cinnamon to reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in people with type 2 diabetes) when compared to the more common Cassia cinnamon.

Ceylon cinnamon extract can be used in baking anywhere you would normally use cinnamon powder. It is traditionally used in sweet and savoury cooking including Middle Eastern, Mexican, Moroccan and Indian cuisines. Perfect for baking, pastries, confections, whipped cream, ice-creams, specialty coffees, samosas, curries, stews and more!