Schramm Organic Gin 

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Handcrafted in single batches, Schramm Gin is one of a few rare Gins distilled from a potato spirit. As Gin is essentially a redistilled vodka, it is most commonly produced from a base of industrial neutral grain spirit.

True to our philosophy to produce authentic, distinct and regionally inspired spirits, we choose to use the Pemberton Valley's finest organic potatoes to create our own organic spirit. We then add 8 Organic Herbs & Botanicals to the still and allow them to rest in the spirit before completing the Gin distillation.

The Gin distillation is performed by hand by Master Distiller, Tyler Schramm on our 500L copper pot spirit still. This personal attention allows us to shift the distillation as needed to highlight the specific unique aromas and flavours we want to stand out in our Gin.

Following the tradition of a London Dry Gin, we do not add any sugar or colouring to the spirit following distillation.

By handcrafting our base spirit ourselves, we are able to control the quality of our Gin throughout its entire production - from our all natural mash and fermentation process right through to the slow, accurate distillation and hand bottling.

Limited Batch Release

Batch List:
Batch #16 - March 2014

Batch #15 - Available Dec 20, 2013

Title: Schramm Gin
Batch Number: GD #15
Distilled Date: Dec 18, 2013
Total Bottles: ~330
Raw Materials: Organic Potato Spirit, 8 Organic Herbs & Botanicals including Hops
Finish: Medium Style. Non-Chill Filtered
Alcohol: 44% alc by vol
Distiller: Tyler Schramm

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Certified Organic Herbs & Botanicals 

We have incorporated 8 Certified Organic Herbs & Botanicals in Schramm Gin. They include the traditional elements found in most Gins, such as Juniper Berries and Coriander Seed, as well as interesting locally grown elements that represent our region such as Rosemary and Hops.

Schramm Gin reflects the unique natural character of the beautiful region from where it comes. Enjoy!