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...and Schramm Gin from British Columbia's Pemberton Distillery, made from a luxuriously earthy base spirit distilled from local organic potatoes. For my money, it's one of the best on the planet...
21. Tyler Schramm, 33, Pemberton Distillery, Pemberton, BC
You have to be a glutton for punishment to start a distillery in British Columbia in the 21st century. The laws and regulations relating to distilling spirits are the sort that have Romanians who lived under Ceausescu muttering, "Boy, that's repressive."
10. Schramm Vodka @ Pemberton Distillery Distilled from organic potatoes grown in the shadow of Whistler Mountain. A rising star among locals and the seasonal ski crowds, Pemberton's spirits have worked their way on to many Whistler restaurant and bar menus.
On a recent trip to Whistler, we had the opportunity to sample the vodka from Pemberton Distillery, a fledgling outfit nestled in the Pemberton Valley of British Columbia. Within their unassuming walls, the distillery employs copper stills to create a line of locally sourced, organic liquors...


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