Seasonal Cocktails 

- 1.5 oz Schramm Organic Potato Vodka
- 0.75 oz pure cranberry juice, unsweetened
- 1 oz Pemberton Distillery Spiced Apples & Pears Syrup (or use reduced apple cider syrup)
- 0.5 oz fresh lemon juice
- Dash Angostura Bitters
- Fresh or frozen cranberries
- Soda

Muddle cranberries and lemon juice and add Vodka, cranberry juice, Apple & Pear Syrup, bitters and ice. Shake well and strain into a tall glass. Top with ice and soda and garnish with cranberries.
- Double shot of Schramm Organic Gin poured long over ice in a tall Collins glass. Serve with a bottle of chilled Fentiman's Tonic on the side.
- 2 oz Schramm Vodka

Shake well with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass.
Garnish Pemberton Chilli Pickled Green Bean


Schramm Vodka Cocktails

  • Apiary Fairy - by Robyn Gray, Bar Manager, Pidgin Restaurant, Vancouver BC
    This delicious cocktail features our unique "Schramm Vodka" and "Pemberton Absinthe", wild foraged Canadian spices and Gaspesie raw honey, provided by Quebec company, "Societe-Orignal", and Canadian cocktail bitters "Bittered Sling Orange & Juniper Bitters".
    - 2.00 oz (60mL) Schramm Vodka by Pemberton Distillery
    - 1.00 oz (30mL) Chamomile Flower & Raw Spring Honey Shrub
    - 3 dashes Bittered Sling Orange & Juniper Bitters
    - Atomized Pemberton Absinthe Mist
    Shake all ingredients with ice, and double strain neat into a chilled cocktail coupe or V-shaped glass. Atomized absinthe on top.
  • Schrammanade - By Pemberton Distillery

    - Fill large jug 2/3 full with cubed ice
    - Pour full bottle of Schramm Vodka over the ice
    - Squeeze 10-12 lemons over the ice and vodka
    - Squeeze in one lime
    - Add one 2L bottle of Tonic
    Stir and serve!


Schramm Gin Cocktails

  • Burnt Schramm Gin Martini: - Created By: Hailey Pesemko

    - Rinse the inside of a chilled Martini glass with 1/8 oz Lagavulin (or any very peaty single malt)
    - Shake out excess whiskey
    In a glass shaker combine:
    - 1oz Schramm Gin
    - 0.5 oz Martini Bianco
    - Add ice and stir for 15 seconds
    - Strain into the "burnt" Martini glass
    Garnish: coriander and cumin compressed cucmbers


The Devil's Club - Organic Absinthe Cocktails

  • Green Beast Absinthe Punch
    - 1 part Pemberton Distillery Organic Absinthe
    - 1 part fresh lime juice
    - 1 part simple syrup (one part sugar or honey dissolved in 1 part water)
    - 4 parts chilled water
    - Fresh cucumber, finely sliced

    In a large punch bowl or pitcher filled with ice, combine Absinthe, lime juice, simple syrup and chilled water. Garnish with thin cucumber slices. Ladle into glasses.

    This cocktail can also be built in a single serving Collins glass.