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Schramm Vodka

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Launched in August 2009, Schramm Vodka is an authentic sipping vodka that reflects the uniqueness of its raw ingredients and the personal attention and care of its master distiller.

Pemberton Potatoes
Handcrafted from whole organic potatoes, our vodka starts in the farm fields at Across the Creek Organics, a renowned Pemberton family farm located just 15 km from the distillery. We use five different varieties of organic potatoes in our vodka and culled potatoes whenever we can. Culls, or "the vodka line" as farmer Bruce Miller refers to them, are potatoes that are too big or too small to sell as table potatoes at the grocery store but are perfect for making silky smooth vodka.

Schramm Recipe
Schramm Vodka's orginal recipe was created by Master Distiller, Tyler Schramm,who studied a Masters of Science in Brewing & Distilling at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, a world leader in the field. He focused his thesis on the complex art and science of potato vodka distillation.

Organic & All Natural Fermentation
One of the only spirits in BC made from 100% BC agricultural product, Schramm Vodka is produced following an all natural fermentation process without the use of chemicals, synthetic anti-foaming agents, or additives. In fact, we follow the traditional Scottish methods used in many fine single malt scotch distilleries.

Small batch, Slow Distillation
We distill in small batches using a hand operated copper pot still to ensure that only the very best - 'the hearts' - of the collected spirit is used. The spirit is continuously tested and sampled for quality. Unlike large distilleries which produce spirit continuously in large volumes, the final spirit distillation of one batch of Schramm Vodka takes 17 hours. We know that a slow, careful distillation creates a high quality spirit.

Pure Mountain Water
Located in the heart of the Coast Mountains, an area known for its massive ice caps and pristine glacial streams, we are fortunate to have access to some of the best quality water to blend in Schramm Vodka. The blended spirit is gently charcoal filtered to maximize purity while still maintaining the smooth mouthfeel and rich unique character of the natural Pemberton potato. We are careful not to over-distill or over-filter - our goal is to create to a vodka that is refined and full of flavour.

Schramm Vodka
Quality ingredients and a careful process: the result is a polished, complex and flavourful spirit that is easily enjoyed neat, on the rocks, and in fine mixed drinks and cocktails. Schramm Vodka is hand bottled in an elegant glass bottle featuring a custom painting of the majestic Mt. Currie, as viewed from the Pemberton Distillery, by Vancouver artist and long-time family friend Chris Ainslie.

Tasting Notes:

Hand distilled vodka with terroir:

Nose: Fresh aroma with floral complement. Notes of green mint, chocolate, nougat and candy

Palate: Bold and round full body. Distinctively complex. Coffee, vanilla, caramel, peely spiciness, subtle roasted and smokey notes

Finish: Smooth, lengthy finish with a hint of spice


Double Gold 2010 Spirit of the Year 2010

'95.3 Points'

- World Spirits Awards 2010



Jurgen Gothe

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Certified Organic & Salmon Safe 

Our Vodka & Distillery is certified organic and certified salmon safe.

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