Pemberton Valley Organic Single Malt Whisky 

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Pemberton Valley Organic Single Malt is a flavourful west coast whisky produced entirely by Pemberton Distillery following traditional single malt methods*.

We begin by preparing a natural mash and fermentation of 100% organic malted barley. The rich brewing quality barley is grown in the Salmon Arm and Peace River regions of British Columbia and malted in nearby Armstrong at the smallest malthouse in North America. We then double-distill the wash on the grain in hand-operated copper potstills. Finally the new make spirit is racked into full-size 200L ex-bourbon casks to begin the aging process. When it's time, the whisky is blended to proof for hand-bottling with pristine Coast Mountain water sourced from the Birkenhead watershed right behind the distillery.

Similar to Scotland, whisky in Canada must be aged a minimum of 3 years in wood. We release a single cask from each year's run once it has reach the three year mark. The remaining casks from each year are stored to continue maturing.

We add absolutely nothing to our mash or finished spirit: Water, 100% organic malted barley and yeast are our only ingredients. We do not chill-filter and no colouring is added.

Each year we look to adjust the style of our whisky through the addition of specialty malts i.e. light to heavy peated malts, to finishing the whisky maturation in unique woods and refill casks i.e. Canadian Oak, Sherry, Cognac etc.

* Producing a true single malt according to the Scotch Whisky Act, we prepare the mash and carry out the fermentation on site at our distillery. This means we know exactly what is in our mash and gives us full control over the quality of the fermented wash and distilled new make spirit.

Limited Batch Release

Cask List:

2012 Cask #03 - Available in July!

2012 Cask #01 - Sold Out

Title: Pemberton Valley Organic Single Malt Whisky
Cask Number: 2012 #01
Distilled Date: Aug 2012
Total Bottles: ~ 320
Raw Materials: BC Organic Malted Barley (pale malt), Lightly Peated Malt, yeast, water
Finish: Non-Chill Filtered, No Colouring
Maturation: 200 Litre ex-bourbon barrel
Alcohol: 44.1% alc by vol
Distiller: Tyler Schramm

2010 Cask #04 - Sold Out

2011 Cask #01 - Sold Out

2010 Cask #02 - Sold Out!

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